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Sd3 - Fire detectors Cyprus

PANSAT Electronics Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the French fire detection systems.

The SD3 is the export arm of the largest construction group fire detection systems in France. The group of SD3 includes the trade names SEFI, FARE, SESSY and DELTA ERRE with factories in France and Italy. The history of the group begins in 1970 with the first conventional fire alarm systems for the local market, the activity be progressively extended to the whole range of systems with exports worldwide.

It has conventional fire detection and extinguishing systems, analog (address) fire detection, gas detection, fire detection using laser or air analysis, and all auxiliary materials detection and notification. These systems have all the certifications required by international regulations (EN / CE - ISO - UL / FM etc.) and are fully compliant with NFPA standards.

Systems SD3 operate in a variety of large and small projects such as airports, ports, public buildings, hospitals, schools and of course shopping centers, stores and office buildings.


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